Trossachs Ton

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Cool34 miles
Classic75 miles
Champion106 miles

Trossachs Ton testimonials

Fantastic day out; brilliant weather, super route, great organisation and support.
Only spoiled at end by the rather noisy generator supporting the hot-food wagon! Rather spoiled the ambience deserved after 100 miles.


June 2013

Great day great organisation will defiantly try and do it next year......

Rab MacNab

June 2012

Well this was my fourth trip round the TT route and I think it was my best. The weather was just right for riding, damp but windless. i was eaten alive by the midges but only on the exposed parts! Fantastic organisation once again and some of the roads had been resurfaced which was nice. The route back to Stirling is much better although the legs are a little weary by then.
Many thanks to all of the team. I'll be back next year. More skin so soft on order.

Jim heath

June 2012

A total newbie, I did take the advice and trained properly for it, which meant that I was not only fit for it, but could push myself and finish strongly. Took first part to Aberfoyle steady, and had plenty legs for the Duke. Midges had the tackety boots on at Loch Katrine where the support team were brilliant, they were at all 3 stops. With plenty left in the tank, I really hammered the last stretch - well, including steady, on saddle riding up entire Crow Road. Bumpy from there for a few miles then a fun rapid finish to Stirling. Well done to all organisers and thanks: it had been my obsession for months, losing 2 stone in the process, and didn't let me down in any way. Nice to raise money for charity along the way too. I'd recommend it to anyone!

Colin Buchanan

June 2012

Another triumph by the Trossachs Ton team! I've completed the 100 mile route for the 3rd time now and it just gets better every year. The organisation was fantastic and the route, though tougher in the first half (the A81 braes and then the Dukes Pass-ouch!!) was much more comfortable on the wheels! A very good call on cancelling Loch Katrine!! My only concern would be the section back to Kippen roundabout along the A811 after turning off the A81 at the Drymen junction. A very busy road with more than a few impatient drivers which must have been intimidating for less experienced riders. Having the timing chip is a great idea though it doesn't account for your feed stops or lunch break but it still gives a good idea of the general time from start to finish. Well done to all the staff and I look forward to next year!!

Neil Mcleod

June 2011

never done one of these before, and only started training seriously beggining of march, iv got the bug, had such a great day, 4 hours, on a 1986 chromealloy 12 gear raleigh record sprint bought from recyke a bike for 150 pounds, can,t wait for the glasgow 100. also my seven year old son was very ill on several occasions over the first 3 years of his life so this is a fantastic cause to ride for

trossachs ton

June 2011

I cannot thank you all enough for organising what was a great day of cycling. The staff were exceptionally friendly and supportive and the feed stations, lunch etc were fantastic! The only down side for me was the road surface, especially in the last 10-15 miles or so. I thought it was dangerous in some parts and saw some near misses in terms of people almost coming off their bikes. I'm sure some adjustments to the route would be possible to deal with this. After 85-90 miles, the impact of such surfaces is quite considerable on comfort and stamina and potentially damaging to the bikes themselves. Apart from that, a very positive and rewarding experience.


July 2010

A really difficult day in hot sunny conditions. Excellent scenery. Crow road - wow!
Hard to say it was a pleasure - some really tough hills - with a very steep one about 10 miles from the end - just to test us all!!
Had a great time - really well organised, staff were first class and all riders were really friendly and chatty.
Quality of the roads in Stirlingshire are shocking though - potholes, gravel, rough surface. Such as shame the council does not fix the roads properly. Very testing on bikes and riders over such a long route.
Thanks again.


July 2010

Thanks to all staff and volunteers for a great day. I knew most of the hills, but Loch Katrine and Balfron were a real surprise and I almost needed the last rites!

The roads are unfortunately dangerous in places and I suffered damage about 45 miles in coming down from Stronachlacher when I had nowhere to go due to an oncoing car and holes a tank couldnt negotiate.

I know most of the area quite well and to be honest lots of the roads are bad in the area and I cant think of a clear route through. The really rough part at the end of the Carron Valley just before the pub and the left turn has only deteriorated since the weather changed.

Finally, we took a 3 mile extra detour at Thornhill, as apparently many people did according to the farmer who wondered where everyone was going, I still dont know where we went wrong, it was a bit frustrating to overtake all the same people again!

All in all a great and very, very tough event.


July 2010

Many thanks to everyone involved in organising and running this great event. Particular thanks to the marshalls and feed station operators who did a fantastic job. I owe a cold beer to the bloke who gave me his spare inner and to the driver who gave me a lift back to the service van at Aberfoyle to replace my shredded tyre after it had gone pop too! Thanks guys.

No thanks to the relevant Councils for the state of the roads. It's only a matter of time before they do a rider and/or their bike some serious damage. Still, if I ditch the bike and take up caving, I know where to go... Can I suggest that everyone who feels the same goes onto their websites and drops Stirling and East Dumbartonshire Councils a friendly wee email!



July 2010

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