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Just a quick note to thank you and your team for a thoroughly enjoyable and exceptionally well organised event today. Very well signposted and superb catering at all the feed stops


April 2014

I cycled the Bath 100 Champion route yesterday and just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you. It was a fantastic event, brilliantly organised and the efforts of all concerned were greatly appreciated.


April 2014

Another extremely well organised event. Great route and good challenge. Will definately do again next year.

Anthony Hedges

April 2014

What a brilliant ride! As one of the volunteers helping with registration your kind comments makes the 5am start worth while - and I was one of the later starters. I then had the privilege of taking part in the ride too - which was superb. Well done to all the team.

jacky harding

September 2012

Once again, an excellent, well managed ride. 100k route was fun, interesting, not too much flat which can be a real bore. Feed stations were perfect, well stocked fact a fantastic lunch spread. The whole day was thoroughly enjoyable.

Paul Williams

April 2012

Having cycled in your L2B and Essex 100 rides before, I found this to be more challenging. However it was enjoyable! The feed stops were the best yet! Great spread of food at the first stop, of 100km ride. Great facilities on the race course. Very well organised. Thanks!

David Mallows

April 2012

Just perfect! At exactly the right distances, the food was marvellous, and the marshalls at the food stations mega-friendly. What I particularly liked at the "drink stops" was that you also provided salty snacks (crackers and peanuts). Very welcome. Usually on rides by other organisers these just include sports drinks, bananas and flapjacks / energy bars. At the end of the day you don't ever want to see anything sweet again... And the buffet lunch - what can I say? Better food than I have had all week...! Of all the sportives I have done, the Action ones clearly rate as the best. Superbly organised, very friendly atmosphere, great food, fabulous locations. Somehow you can tell that the organisers and helpers put their heart into it and seem to enjoy running the event. With the danger of perhaps being a bit politically incorrect - but you have got the balance of sporting event and charity event exactly right. Not wanting to be unfair to other charities, but perhaps because they don't know that much about cycling, organisation is often not quite as smooth. And if it is a commercial organiser, they might know what they are doing, but you can tell it's commercial and not as friendly. You've got the positive bits of both types of event.

Usula Schulz

April 2012

Organisers were generally helpful and friendly. Timing equipment was very good. Some of the positioning of route signs could have been better, especially in Bath itself, you really had to keep your eyes peeled for them. A tampered sign cost me an extra 1.5 miles at the end, but I suppose this is difficult to prevent.
The route was a great challenge with some mean hills, especially the Cat 3 near the end of the 100k. What sadist stuck that hill there?! Good facilities and a nice massage afterwards.
Overall, I really enjoyed the event and hope to return next year.

Trev Heath

April 2012

This was the toughest but most organised long distance event i did in 2011. Very helpful at the start and the best lunch stop i've seen. As other riders have stated, this has some of the steepest climbs in the south west, Have already signed up for the 2012 edition though!

Gareth Unwin

December 2011

Wow, that was a tough one ! Toughest AMR 100 mile ride I have done so far. Some extremely mean climbs. Organisation & Refreshments all top notch as is the standard with any AMR event. You need to be well prepared for this one!!

Simon Penny

September 2011
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