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PLOD is the ultimate team endurance walking challenge. If you are looking for adventure, have decided it’s time to live life to the full, or just want to do something different in 2015, then this is the event for you!

PLOD is not for the faint hearted or the ill-prepared, and we have designed a gruelling course that will probably push you further than you have ever been pushed before.

The 50km trek gets underway, in torchlight, near the pretty village of Aberfoyle at midnight and takes you through some of the most challenging and breathtaking landscapes the Trossachs has to offer. After watching the sun rise, you will push on, through the next day, to the finish line to complete an adventure you will never forget. All of this is played out against the awesome backdrop of lochs, glens and majestic mountains. This circular hike will take you along tracks and paths, through glens, along rivers and burns,  past mountains and lochs including, Loch Drunkie, Loch Achray and Loch Venachar, through the village of Brig-o-Turk and sections of the Rob Roy Way. This team-challenge is one not to be missed! 

Perfect for groups, friends or work colleagues. Companies looking to develop team bonding will benefit, and for those seeking an out-and-out challenge against their competitors, this event will deliver on all fronts.

We are all about pushing you to the limit. Join us to improve the quality of life for thousands of sick and vulnerable babies and children. We are able to achieve our goals by helping you achieve yours.

If the full PLOD is not for you - then why not take on our PLOD-Lite

Action Medical Research Overnight PLOD Walks

The rules of the PLOD

Team composition: each team must comprise of four walkers only (can be any mix of male/female). Each team needs at least one support driver. No additional walkers will be allowed to join a team.

Prizes will be awarded to:
The overall winners who are the first full team over the finish line, a full team consists of four walkers and one driver, the fastest team over the finish line and the highest fundraising team.


  • all teams must raise a minimum of £1,500 per team
  • this is a realistic target but we hope that you, like many previous teams raise much, much more!
  • an online sponsorship page was automatically set up for you when you registered
  • spend time personalising your page with your team names and photos, and a couple of paragraphs about why you are taking on this challenge
  • make sure all team members have this sponsorship link so friends, family and colleagues can sponsor online, safely and securely
  • sponsor forms are also available online
  • captains should ensure Action have received at least 50 per cent of the fundraising target (£750 one week prior to the event. Remaining funds must be received no more than four weeks after the event.

General preparation and training

Train well for the PLOD and you will get through the challenge safely and have a much more enjoyable time. For any long distance walking challenge there is only one form of training that will ensure you perform well –walking! No great surprise there. If generally fit and do lots of sport – you will be off to a good start. This event will see you on the trail non-stop around 12–17 hours. Many a good marathon runner and endurance cyclists throw in the towel so do not make any assumptions that walking is easy. Your PLOD success is about teamwork so the more training you can do together, the better. We all need a little encouragement when the going gets tough.

Read our preparation and training guide

Your questions answered

If you are unable to find a team, contact us and we can put you on another team if a place becomes available. You will be notified as soon as you can join.

Participants must be 18 and over. Participants aged 16 can take part, but must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Yes, the PLOD organisers will be setting up and happy to say hello.

Yes, as long as you have prepared, follow our advice and stick together as a team. Your briefing will include advice on what to do in an emergency.

No, but it will help if a team member understands how to read a map and a compass. You will be provided with written route instructions. Particularly tricky sections of the route will be marked.

The terrain is tough in parts and depending on fitness levels, some teams will be on the trail for 12–17 hours. If you want to enjoy this event, and finish, then we recommend that you increase your fitness levels and endurance training properly.

Check out the recommended list of kit items that the team should be carrying. Keep to the essentials and avoid doubling up on basic items. Your main items will always be water, basic first aid kit, spare warm and wet weather clothing, a torch, route maps, and mobile phones.

Changes to the team's details can be made online up until a week before the event, when the website will be closed. If a team member changes after this point email Cecilia on giving the name and full details of the replacement walker. If you have less than four walkers, your team will forfeit points.

We recommend that you have a good pair of walking boots with ankle support. Make sure you have broken them in! Wicking tops are advisable, make sure you have clothing items to keep you warm or cool, depending on conditions. Check the recommended kit list for precise details.

Yes, there is food at the breakfast stop and at the end. Advise organisers, in advance, of any dietary requirements.

Support crew are responsible for ensuring their support vehicles are both roadworthy and suitably covered by motor insurance. You will need a vehicle capable of transporting kit, food, drink and team members.

Kit list

Each team member should be responsible for their own spare clothing. Please be aware that cotton clothing when wet will not keep the wearer warm, in fact it will draw heat away from the body and is a potential cause of hypothermia.

Event specific

  • 1.50km – OS Landranger Map – Stirling and The Trossachs Sheet 57 or 1.25km – OS Explorer Map – The Trossachs Sheet 365 with route pre-marked
  • Route instructions – will be sent to team captains pre event, and will be available at the start


  • Waterproof map case – it might rain and it’s difficult to read a soggy map
  • Compass – at least two per team
  • Waterproofs
  • Denim jeans or cotton trousers are not advisable
  • Shorts – for warm day
  • Hat and gloves
  • Spare clothing, extra fleece – cotton not advisable
  • Comfortable walking boots with good ankle support
  • Walking socks
  • Day pack or small rucksack
  • Space blanket or large heavy gauge plastic bag – one per team
  • Walking poles – if you use them
  • Head/hand torch, spare batteries
  • Basic first aid kit, inc pain killers, blister pads, zinc oxide tape or similar
  • Toilet roll in a waterproof bag
  • Vaseline to deal with any uncomfortable chaffing
  • Water bottle
  • Personal food supplies
  • Energy sweets and snacks
  • Mobile telephone - at least two per team
  • Hi viz items
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Pen/pencil and notebook

Support driver

  • Driver route instructions – these will be provided
  • Contact numbers for your team members and event HQ
  • Strong torch and spare batteries
  • Spare car keys – you would not want to let your team down
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Spare clothing, including extra fleece
  • Food supplies - discuss and agree your team requirements, include plenty of high carbohydrate foods, easily portable
  • Water – plenty of it, keep your team topped up
  • Camping stove and spare gas – hot drinks will be in demand
  • Spare basic first aid kit
  • Black bin bags for your rubbish – leave none behind
  • blankets
  • A big enough vehicle.

If the full PLOD is not for you then why not take on the PLOD Lite.

Walking just 16 miles your team will start at midnight with everyone else but your finish line will be at the breakfast stop (Byres Inn).

It may be the Lite version but apart from less miles there is no difference; same teamwork, same route, same preparations, same support driver and car needed. Fewer miles but all the sense of achievement!

The fundraising target for the PLOD-Lite is £1,200 per team.

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Primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD)

For her first 18 months, Kylie was in and out of A&E with high temperatures, breathing problems and an ear infection. Eventually she was diagnosed with PCD, a debilitating, lifelong, inherited illness.

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