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Aiden was wrapped in a blanket to keep him cold – it saved his life

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Complications at birth meant that Aiden had suffered a shortage of oxygen to his brain. This type of injury can cause severe disabilities and is one of the three leading causes of death in newborn babies.

Thankfully a pioneering treatment called cooling therapy was available and Aiden’s body temperature was cooled using a special blanket to prevent brain damage and help save his life. Aiden’s now looking forward to celebrating his first Christmas.

This medical breakthrough is due to a 20-year programme of research supported with significant funding from Action Medical Research, thanks to support like yours.

Unfortunately there are many more babies that will never make their first Christmas, so we urgently need funding for vital research projects.

Will you help save more babies lives with a gift this Christmas?

We're looking forward to celebrating Aiden's first Christmas - thanks to Action Medical Research Fleur, Aiden's mum

Cooling therapy - the breakthrough

By cooling the body to reduce the brain temperature of the baby, doctors can alter the chemical processes that lead to brain damage. As well as helping to prevent brain damage, it also reduces the risk of death and disability.

Babies are cooled to 33-35 degrees Celsius using a specially made blanket, cap or mattress, within six hours of being born. They are kept cool for 72 hours before being slowly rewarmed.

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