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Art for Action - Auction

Auction items at Art for Action – to be auctioned on the night of the event:

An exquisite original 5” x 8” painting by Maggi Hambling CBE, British Contemporary Painter and Sculptor.  Well known locally for the Scallop Sculpture on Aldeburgh Beach dedicated to Benjamin Britten.
Spandau Ballet - Gold lyrics  - the chorus of this famous song, hand written by Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet in gold pen on a 5” x 8” postcard  - signed on the reverse and dated.
Stars wars print signed by Alan Tomkins, Star Wars art director - Tomkins, who was nominated for an Oscar for his work on The Empire Strikes Back, has given us a signed copy of the original designs for his Snowspeeder which featured in the hit 1980 movie. The technical drawing shows detailed plans for the Rebel Alliance vehicle.
Tesla Model S for a weekend - Drive down to the Brent Cross Shopping Centre on a Saturday morning and leave your car in the Tesla secure carpark. Meet with the store manager who will show you around the Tesla facility at Brent Cross and give you a demonstration of the car. Enjoy your Model S for the weekend! Return the car by 6pm on the Sunday.
Higgins picture - kindly donated by Higgins Cartoons, twice winner of the 'Cartoonist of the Year Award - your very own portrait - in cartoon! The portrait is printed on canvas, and the frame, although very realistic looking, is in fact also printed on the canvas. The portrait would be sent , effectively 'framed' and ready to hang about two weeks after the auction. The bidder can choose the style of their portrait, i.e. they can be dressed from a general to a suffragette, they can be nude, clothed, or they could base their portrait on a favourite classical painting, all things are possible, but there can only be one person in the portrait.
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