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The Bridge Hotel

Fairs Terms and Conditions - Action Medical Research


  • Acceptance and non-acceptance of applications will be at the sole discretion of Action Medical Research (the Charity) and will be based on the information given by the applicant on their application.
  • The Charity reserves the right to reject applications and not enter into any correspondence or otherwise explain the reasons for its decisions. All decisions made by the charity are final.
  • Stall rental and stall positions is totally at the discretion of the Charity.
  • Stalls cannot be transferred, sublet, franchised or sold to any other person, nor can they be shared without written approval.
  • Stallholders agree that their company name, logo or photograph may be used for promotional purposes for this and subsequent events.


  • Registered stallholders must be in attendance during the fair’s trading times.
  • Notification of non-attendance is required on the day to allow neighbouring stallholders to spread out and fill in gaps. No refunds/credits will be given or considered on the day of the fair.
  • Loud product promotion by stallholders is not permitted.
  • Products and produce with faults must be clearly labelled and sold as seconds.
  • It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure their products conform to any safety and compliance standards pertaining to their product.
  • All traders are required to display their name and any business name on their stall.
  • Smoking is not permitted on any stall.
  • Stallholder dogs are not permitted at the stalls, except for guide dogs for the blind.
  • The Charity cannot be made responsible or liable for any thefts or items stolen.
  • Stallholders should only sell products that have been agreed in advance as part of their application.

Fees & Insurance

  • Stall fees are outlined in the booking form
  • Fees must be paid by due dates set, as outlined on the booking form, and failure to pay the stall fee on time is a breach of these regulations and the charity reserves the right to cancel all bookings.
  • Stallholders who pay by a cheque that is dishonoured may be charged an administration fee of £15.
  • Each stallholder must hold and provide evidence of minimum £2,000,000 Public Liability insurance covering these events and any provision of food and drink, cover placed with an appropriate insurer. Alternatively, a stall holder liability form can be completed.
  • The Charity require all stall holders to indemnify them against all claims for personal injury and damage to property caused by their (the Stallholders) negligence.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Notification of non-attendance is required. If no notification is given then the charity reserves the right to cancel all future bookings and not refund any monies already paid.
  • The charity reserves the right to charge a £20 admin fee/cancellation fee if a booking is confirmed and then cancelled. There is no fee if at least 30 days’ notice is given, and any monies paid will be refunded. Please refer to the booking form for further details.
  • NO refunds are given for cancellations within 30 days of the fair or that occur on the day of the fair, and the charity is not responsible for adverse weather conditions and as such there are no refunds for this reason.
  • A request for a refund should be made in writing /by email within 14 days of the cancellation.

General- Stallholders Code of Conduct and Responsibilities

  • Stallholders must respond co-operatively to any direction given by the charity in relation to the operation and occupation of their stall, equipment, goods and vehicle during operating times, and any direction of a security or safety nature.
  • Stallholders must not act in a verbally or physically abusive, dangerous, or disruptive manner and if so it will not be tolerated and will result in immediate termination, with no refund of monies paid.
  • Stallholders must ensure that their activities do not endanger the safety or security of any people at the fair.
  • Stallholders must not cause damage, make alterations or additions of any nature to, or carry out works of any nature to Fair site property and that, if any damage is caused, the costs of any repairs, making good or replacement are borne by the stallholder.
  • Stallholders must comply with all the terms contained in these regulations and must comply with any changes to the fair regulations, or any relevant local government and other statutory laws & regulations
  • Stallholders must report to the charity any incident or accident to any person or property that involves loss or could be expected to give rise to a claim.
  •   Stallholders are responsible for leaving their site and surrounding area clean, tidy and undamaged.
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