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r and r photos

Bath 100 2012 rider times

RouteRider numberNamesort iconGenderStatusTime
100-mile6534Adam BrownMaleFinished08:25:29
100km6708Adrian PhillipsMaleFinished04:56:33
100-mile6607Alan GuestMaleFinished08:03:34
100-mile6760Alec ThomasMaleFinished09:32:39
100-mile6664Alex LudgateMaleFinished07:30:14
100-mile6626Amy HibbertFemaleFinished07:41:54
100km6597Andrea GarringtonFemaleFinished06:23:46
100-mile6796Andrew DaviesMaleFinished06:27:39
100km6809Andrew EvansMaleFinished03:48:33
100-mile6629Andrew HigginsonMaleFinished09:54:29
100-mile6806Andrew LambertMaleFinished07:14:08
100-mile6689Andrew NashMaleFinished10:38:20
100km6729Andrew SaundersMaleFinished07:31:15
100-mile6748Andrew StumpfMaleFinished10:38:18
100km6514Andy BatesMaleFinished06:15:12
100km6519Andy BevanMaleFinished04:54:22
100-mile6780Andy WaterworthMaleFinished09:34:00
100km6771Anjela UboguFemaleFinished06:00:00
100km6817Annabel HancockFemaleFinished06:19:41
100km6761Annette ThomasFemaleFinished06:30:42
100-mile6537Anthony BruceMaleFinished07:25:05
100-mile6743Anthony SmithMaleFinished09:54:26
100-mile6631Aron HillsMaleFinished08:24:48
100-mile6586Ashley FosterMaleFinished09:12:10
100-mile6504Ashraf Al-RabahiMaleFinished09:47:19
100km6802Barry ScrivensMaleFinished05:26:52
100km6694Ben O'BrienMaleFinished05:30:57
100km6721Blair ReedMaleFinished07:27:16
100km6735Bradley SharpMaleFinished06:31:20
100km6547Calum ChallengerMaleFinished04:31:26
100km6622Calvin HealyMaleFinished04:40:01
100-mile6675Campbell McdermidMaleFinished08:27:09
100km6595Carmelo GalloMaleFinished04:10:43
100km6816Charles DakaMaleFinished04:46:51
100-mile6509Chris BakerMaleFinished07:25:40
100-mile6617Chris HarrisUnknownFinished07:50:49
100-mile6670Chris MartinMaleFinished07:27:36
100-mile6680Chris MingoMaleFinished07:06:01
100km6707Chris PerrymanMaleFinished04:35:48
100km6712Chris PriceMaleFinished04:32:13
100km6719Chris ReedMaleFinished04:11:47
100km6765Chris TottmanMaleFinished06:38:01
100-mile6634Christopher HodgsonMaleFinished08:32:39
100km6800Christopher RoseMaleFinished10:53:35
100km6774Christopher VincentMaleFinished04:29:55
100-mile6702Clare ParsonsFemaleFinished09:21:55
100-mile6750Con SullivanMaleFinished06:30:51
100km6630Craig HigtonMaleFinished04:42:12
100km6720Cristobel ReedFemaleFinished07:12:52
100km6602Daniel GoaterMaleFinished06:35:09

If you have any issues regarding your time, contact Black Sheep at or call 01452 831771.

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