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Phil Spencer's love of cycling

Location, Location, Location’s Phil Spencer has been cycling for four years and he talks to us about his love of the great sport.

How did you get into cycling?

I took part in a Sport Relief challenge in 2012 and I really enjoyed the cycling training. Four celebrity teams raced 1,000 miles around the UK; sailing, running, rowing and cycling over seven days to raise money.  During the challenge I was on Chris Boardman’s team and spending time around other athletes really got me into the sport.

What took you from informal cycling to riding in sportives?

Well, I was kind of thrown straight into one! Training for my Sport Relief challenge was the first time I had ridden a bike for years. Afterwards, I thought ‘Well I enjoyed it, there’s no point stopping’, I also now had all of the kit I needed, so decided to carry on.

What do you love about cycling?

When I was training for my Sport Relief challenge, my wife was also training for her first London to Paris bike ride. I liked that it was a sport we could do together and as we also have two sons, it really is an activity that we can enjoy as a family, after all, anyone can ride a bike. I am a great nature lover too and instead of running and just seeing a few miles, I like that during a ride you can easily cover 50 miles of the great British countryside. I’m also really nosey and love looking at houses en route, you could call it a busman’s holiday really!

How did you get involved with cycling for Action?

My two friends had done the Castle 100 ride a few times and asked me to join them. We trained together and I really enjoyed it. I’ve now done the Castle 100 three times.

The ride takes place in the most beautiful part of Kent and it’s a good circular route which covers the most stunning areas of the county. It also gives me the opportunity to ride an organised route. For me, following a map and directions takes away from the enjoyment of cycling.

I’m really looking forward to this year’s Castle 100 and for the first time I am going to try the 100-mile route. I’m keen to use the ride as training because at the end of June I am cycling 290 miles over three days from Cornwall to London and I need to get in all the training I can.

What do you like about Action cycling events and the Castle 100?

I like the route and just the level of organisation and care Action put into every event. To my knowledge, no one else puts on as many events, nor does them as well as Action. You can tell it’s Action’s speciality. The routes are well mapped and it’s incredibly safe with mobile support throughout the course. The food stops are also second to none.

Why should people sign up for the Action Castle 100?

We should never lose sight of where the money goes and what it’s used to achieve. The type of research that Action Medical Research funds really does lead to important medical breakthroughs that change children's lives.

It was brought home to me last year when my two nieces were born premature at 24 weeks. I don’t think they would have survived if it hadn’t been for the medical advancements brought about by funding from Action Medical Research. By taking part in Action events, you are fundraising for a very worthwhile cause.

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