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Look who's four!

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Emily, who was born prematurely after her mum developed a serious pregnancy complication is, thankfully, doing incredibly well. And she can't wait to start school...


Tracy says: " I can’t actually believe she’s four! We had a party for her on Sunday with lots of her playschool and family friends. We were so lucky to have amazing weather and it felt like we were celebrating all weekend with friends and family. To be fair I think she was a little overwhelmed. 

It’s hard sometimes to remember how tiny and fragile she was when she was born and not knowing if her prematurity would affect her long term. I think it’s safe to say that so far she’s thriving! Emily is a crazy, very cheeky independent little girl! She’s very loving but also has the ability to drive you round the bend. She’s very excited to be starting school in September and already has her new uniform. Emily will go to the same school as her big sister Jessica so it’s all familiar with her. 

I’m hoping that Emily continues to enjoy her school life and that with the help of her play school key worker and school teachers any concerns with her learning are picked up early. At the moment though everything is as it should be."


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