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Tiny lives that matter so much

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On World Prematurity Day we'd like to thank all the families who have generously shared their stories with Action, helping us highlight the vital need for research.

As a charity dedicated to funding research into prematurity, we're keenly aware that, in the UK, around 61,000 babies each year are born too soon - yet the reasons for women going into premature labour often remain unclear. As Action funded researcher Professor Nigel Klein says, preventing premature birth remains 'a major challenge to modern medicine'.

For families, the impact of prematurity can be profound and lasting, with feelings and emotions ranging from fear and shock to helplessness and, sometimes, the pain of tragic loss.

We are truly grateful to the families of babies like Samuel, Emily, Elijah, twins Lucy and Olivia, Jack, Daisy, Joshua, and twins Iris and Tom - we are priviledged to share your stories and family photos. They show just how important research is into areas such as developing new tests to identify women at high risk of early labour; new treatments to help slow or prevent early labour; and research into conditions that can strike tiny, vulnerable babies,such as Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC).

On World Prematurity Day, we're sending you all our sincere thanks and very best wishes.

Find out more about our research here and support for our appeal is warmly welcomed.