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Premature birth is the biggest killer of babies in the UK.

Around 1,300 babies die each year after being born too soon. Please donate today to help us change this.

Dr Joanna Cook has been awarded an Action Medical Research Training Fellowship to develop a blood test for all expectant mothers.

The aim is to predict which women might go into labour too soon, so that extra monitoring and care can be taken to protect these babies.

That’s not all; thanks to support like yours we’re also funding a number of research projects on premature birth.

But much more research is needed.

We urgently need your help as we simply can’t fund all the potentially groundbreaking research which is recommended to us.

Please donate today. Together we can help save the lives of babies who have been born too soon.

Find out more about premature birth and related conditions.

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First cuddles at three days old

Little baby Samuel, pictured with mum Jo, arrived 10 weeks early and weighed a tiny 3lbs 6oz at birth.

Thankfully he was one of the lucky ones after spending his first five weeks in intensive care. He’s now three months old and weighs nearly 9lbs.

Read more about baby Samuel in our latest edition of Touching Lives.

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