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Brain Tumours

Brain Tumours

Joey battled a gruelling year of treatment before beating his cancer. Help fund vital research to improve treatments for children like Joey.

Every year in the UK around 400 children are diagnosed with a brain tumour

Joey (pictured above) is lucky as 1 in 4 children with brain cancer lose their lives within 5 years. It is a horribly high statistic and one that with research we’re hoping to change.

That’s why we’re funding the work of Professor Andrew Peet and his team at the University of Birmingham.

Children with brain cancer have MRI scans routinely when they are first diagnosed. Professor Peet aims to use vital information from these scans to better predict how aggressive each child’s cancer is likely to be, much sooner and with greater accuracy.

'I wish that no child should have to die from brain cancer'
Professor Peet

Children with the most aggressive tumours could immediately be given the most intensive treatment, which could boost their chances of survival.

And children whose tumours are not so life-threatening could be given less intensive treatment, sparing them from some of the lifelong disabilities that treatment can cause.

This will help children like Joey who was diagnosed with brain cancer when he was just four years old. He battled a gruelling year of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy before beating his cancer, as his dad Darren explains in Joey’s story.

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