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What the Champions say

Chris Boardman

“What a fantastic evening! It has been an absolute privilege to be this event’s Ambassador for the last five years and I could not be more proud to see how much it’s grown in that time.

Action is a charity that I hold dear to my heart; my son George was born 6 weeks early and so I know first-hand the concern that parents have for their little one’s health. I’m very proud to be a part of the ‘Champs Dinner’ and am truly delighted to hear how much has been raised to help fund vital research.”

Chris Boardman MBE, Event Ambassador

Alex Dowsett

“I’ve had the pleasure of being involved with quite a few Action events now.

“The Champs dinner is always an amazing experience and I’m so pleased to be a part of it. Knowing the money raised is going to help fund vital research for poorly children means a great deal to me.” 

Alex Dowsett

Katie Archibald

“The ‘Champions of CycleSport Dinner’ is such a well organised event; being around so many passionate supporters and knowing you’re helping a wonderful cause is a real honour.”

Katie Archibald MBE


Graeme Obree

“It was an honour to be invited and just amazing to meet so many passionate cycling fans.

Action is a wonderful charity and I know that cycling is very much at the heart of its fundraising. It was just nice to be able to play a small part.”

Graeme Obree


Dan Martin

“I was born five weeks premature, so the research which Action Medical Research is funding into what causes some women to go into labour early is particularly poignant for me.

“Sign up to one of the charity’s cycling events and know that you’ll be helping to fund vital research that could save tiny lives.”

Dan Martin


Dani Rowe“Action is a great charity that organises some amazing cycling events across the UK. I think it’s great that anyone can sign up for a personal challenge and know they’re helping a worthy cause at the same time.”

Dani Rowe, MBE


'Having been an Action supporter for some time now, I know exactly how passionate they are about cycling. And the Champions of Cyclesport Dinner is a fantastic celebration of that passion for all things cycling. The 2012 event was amazing – particularly following hot on the pedals of the Olympic victories. It really is a night to remember so book your table now!'

Joanna Rowsell MBE


I have been very very lucky to go on several Action Medical Research events. And the great thing about cycling is that it brings people together and it is a fantastic opportunity to get out there on the road with like minded people.

I can't speak highly enough. I mean I'm very lucky to see lots of well organised cycling events in my job. But the job that Action Medical Research team does is second to none and really does make it worthwhile with all the details looked after.

But I think also as you are out there cycling and toiling away, sweating, it's always in the back of your mind what a fantastic work this great group of people do in terms of the research and the great cause that they work towards. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Sir Dave Brailsford


Now, we of course love our bikes and often ride with Action Medical Research, we kind of take it for granted don't we that our children will grow up and hopefully inherit our love of bikes and have the ability to ride a bike.

Of course there are sections of children that won't be able to ride as they have disabilities or diseases, they struggle with every day life, they are never going to ride bikes.

That's of course where Action Medical Research comes in, they help children like that. And that is why fundraising events like this are so so important. We contribute so much to Action Medical Research they put those millions back in to helping children like that.

Dermot Murnaghan


Why don't you sign up to the Action Medical Research London to Paris bike ride where they just ride from London to Paris where they do 100 miles a day. Every rider raises money to help suffering kids and babies in the world.

Mark Cavendish MBE


It all really hit home for me when I looked at the Action Medical Research magazine and read about the young girl with epilepsy. If you haven't checked out what they do, make sure you get to know the work of Action Medical Research because really this is what its all about.

David Millar


We take it for granted that most kids will learn to ride a bike one day, however sadly that is not the case. Action Medical Research funds vital research to help children affected by disease and disabilities, who struggle with everyday life. I attended last year’s Champions of CycleSport Dinner and saw for myself just how important their fundraising is.

Geraint Thomas


I became involved with Action in 2009 and it was the charity's passion for cycling which initially brought us together. I was privileged to visit one of the projects funded by Action at Hammersmith Hospital, London, and was very moved by the work of doctors and researchers studying premature birth.

The Champions of CycleSport Gala Dinner celebrates the world of cycling and the many world-beating heroes of UK cycling. The evening offers a spectacular night out whilst supporting the remarkable work of Action Medical Research.

The Champions of CycleSport Gala Dinner will be raising funds to help develop urgently needed treatments to help save babies' lives.

Nicole Cooke MBE


I was really pleased to be asked to host the Auction at this prestigous event. I saw all the activity it caused on Twitter last year and realised just what a significant event this is in the cycling calendar and wanted to be part of it. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate cycling and to raise money for an incredible cause. As a parent myself I know how worrying it can be if your child is unwell so I fully support the work they do to help sick and vulnerable babies and children.

Simon Brotherton

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