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Paddington Bear has been at the heart of fundraising for Action Medical Research ever since his creator, Michael Bond, met the charity’s founder, Duncan Guthrie, in 1976. Paddington Bear always likes to help wherever he can and so, after chatting over the matter with Mr Bond, he agreed to support Action Medical Research as the charity’s official mascot. Paddington Bear’s friendly face has helped us attract thousands of new supporters who together have raised millions of pounds to help babies and children. Find out more about how Paddington Bear has been helping his favourite UK charity.

We have a range of Paddington-related materials you can use –
please see below:

Paddington copy
For electronic copies in Word format contact Paige in Communications

Paddington pull up banners
Contact Chris in Stores

Paddington costume
Contact Pauline in Communications for booking form 

Paddington activity sheets
Contact Paige in Communications

Bear squares game
Contact Paige in Communications

Paddington plush soft toy
Contact Chris in Stores

Paddington collecting tin and pin badges
Contact Chris in Stores

Do we need to include copyright information when talking about Paddington?

Yes. When we use an image of Paddington, we need to make sure that we include the correct copyright information as well as including a TM symbol at the end of his name the first time this is used in a piece of writing. The Communications Team can help you with this - please contact Paige is you need help with this.

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