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How to use research resources

Using the grant handbook

The PDF version of the handbook can be found on the intranet under ‘Research’. To search the handbook, hold down on your keyboard ‘Ctrl’ and ‘F’ and type the word you want in the box in the top right hand corner of the screen. Every time the word appears in the handbook it will be highlighted.

Research on the website

All projects have unique grant numbers which follow a format similar to GN2040. These can be found in the grant handbook and you can use them to search for the relevant publicity briefing on the website.

If you want to find only publicity briefings on the website, then go to ‘Search by condition’ within the Research section of the website and then type in the condition name or GN number.

If you want to find all information relating to a condition/grant number on the website, including press releases, publicity briefings and Touching Lives articles, then just type the condition name/grant number into the search box on the website, in the top right of the screen.

Our Successes

Examples of our success stories can be found in the ‘Our Research’ section of the website. Under each ‘success’ heading you will find a summary, and other information such as links to video clips or case studies as well as further links to other related published information.            

Impact reports

Impact reports can be found in the ‘Research’ section of the staff intranet. These are internal documents and not for general external distribution. They provide more in depth information on our ‘Successes’, for writing publicity material or providing further information to supporters. Any written material produced from the impact reports should be copy checked by the Research Evaluation Manager in the Research Department. Articles about most impact reports can also be found in Touching Lives and/or the Research Review on the website. These can be found by searching the website by condition as above. 

More complex research information

If you require more detailed information eg how many studies have we funded on epilepsy, or if you cannot find a condition you are looking for on the website please contact the Research Department for further information. If you’re not sure who to speak to in the Research Department, see ‘Guide for who to contact about research’ in the Research section of the staff intranet.

Case studies

A sample of our current case studies can be found on the website under real stories.

The policy for how to use case studies can be found on the staff intranet under ‘Communication tools’.

If you need to use a case study, contact the Communications Manager in Communications as they will have all the details, including photos, and will know what the parents have agreed to and what they do not want to do.


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