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Cycling Buddy

Tony Piedade founder of Cycling BuddyAction Medical Research has partnered with to give our participants access to a great free tool to help with training, preparation and all round enjoyment of cycling.

cycling buddy was launched in 2012 with the single aim of helping members find other members to cycle with. The site also boasts some neat features. Members can log their rides, map, plan and share routes as well as exchange emails with other members in a secure environment.

Cyclingbuddy's founder, Tony Piedade who came up with the idea said "it's great to see such a great thriving community of cyclists on the site. Each month thousands of miles are logged by members from across the UK and overseas. Everyone needs a bit of motivation to get the most out of their cycling, cycling with someone else pushes you further and faster and of course you can have a bit more fun along the way."


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