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Fundraising Ideas

Action Medical Research fund vital medical research to save and change the lives of babies and children, but we can't do this valuable work without fundraising, and we can't do that without you! We do however realise that for some fundraising doesn't come naturally so here we've pulled together a small selection of our favourite (and most effective) fundraising ideas. So if you're stumped for ideas and inspiration, read on and check them out, and together we'll put the fun in fundraising!


Alcohol-fuelled fun

Let's kick off with some alcohol fuelled. Encourage people to part with their cash by filling them up with booze!

Why not try a pub quiz night, or cut a deal with a curry house for special set meal, than add on a little extra for your fundraising pot. Karaoke is always a winner, pay to nominate someone to sing, or pay more to get out of singing! Whatever you do, fun-filled evenings like these are not only great fundraisers, they're also just great night out too!

Alcohol fuelled fundraising


Host a charity auction

Ever fancied yourself as a David Dickinson, bringing the gavel down to seal the deal on a great item at auction? Well, this is an excellent way to ramp up your fundraising efforts. Find a venue, acquire gifts and items to auction from willing local businesses and host a charity auction, with proceeds going to your fundraising pot.

Host a charity auction


Get packing

A supermarket bag pack is an easy peasy fundraising idea, and great for team fundraising efforts too. You'd be astonished at how much we've seen people raise over the years by giving up a few hours to stand at a supermarket checkout and help people pack their shopping. Seriously, anyone can pack a shopping bag!

Supermarket bag pack


Charity football match

Perhaps not for everyone but as an idea how about organising a charity football match, or 5-a-side? There are plenty of affordable venues around (try your luck and ask if they'll waive the hire fee as it's a charity fundraiser), charge players to enter, and throw in a few extras like sweepstakes on the first goal scored, or the final score.

Charity football match


Free promotion

It might not seem like an obvious idea when looking to boost your fundraising efforts, but consider any free advertising or PR opportunities that you might be able to take advantage of. Do your employers have a company newsletter, intranet, website or publication that you could be featured in? How about local community newsletters, parish council noticeboards, etc. Don't forget, many of these organisations and groups will have social media profiles as well, so get yourself a mention on those too!

Advertising space


Matched giving

Many people may be totally oblivious to this, but does your employer operate a matched giving scheme? Many companies will have something in place as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility policy, so there's no harm in asking. You may get any money raised matched, or at least a contribution towards your targets. Easy money!

Matched giving


Spread the word through social media

All participants in Action's events will have an online fundraising page so, as they say, if you've got it, flaunt it! Plaster a link to the page all over your social media channels and just watch the money come rolling in! Also use social media to update people with your training progress to show everyone just how committed you are. Here's a tip within a tip, consider timing your posts with the end of the month, i.e. payday!

Social media


Silver Smarties

Now, we're going a bit old school for idea. The concept is simple, buy tubes of smarties, and hand them out to everyone at work, then set them a challenge to be the first to refill the tube with 20 pence pieces. You'll need some sort of prize or incentive for the winner, but each filled tube should hold around £10 in change!

Silver smarties


Clean up with Sweepstakes

We all love a good sweepstake, be it the World Cup, Wimbledon or the annual office favourite, the Grand National. It's quick and easy to organise. Simply pay to enter, award prizes but just be sure to leave enough over to put towards your fundraising target.



Tasty treats

We finish a tasty tip. Run a workplace tuck shop! Head down to Poundland, stock up on snacks and treats at rock bottom prices, then sell them at work. Your colleagues will satisfy their sweet craving, you’ll be seen as the snack time saviour and all proceeds go to your fundraising target, it’s a win-win.

Tasty treats


Thanks so much for following our fundraising tips and ideas, we hope it's given you lots of inspiration to go out and raise as much as you can to fund vital medical research, we simply couldn't do it without you!"

Hopefully we'll see you one day soon on one of Action's great events.


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