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Landau Kleffner syndrome is a rare form of epilepsy which occurs in children usually between the ages of three and nine years old. These children lose the ability to talk and understand speech, which can have devastating consequences. Many also experience seizures.

Sadly, children with Landau Kleffner syndrome can lose confidence and become frustrated or withdrawn.

Many develop behavioural problems, and some develop symptoms within the autistic spectrum. Children's education and social interactions can also be severely affected.

Action Medical Research fellow Adeline Ngoh is investigating the causes of Landau Kleffner syndrome.

"I hope to develop our understanding of what causes the disease and find some answers for children and their families facing this condition."

Action Hero Dr Adeline Ngoh

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Prof Peet

I hope you enjoyed finding out more about my research. What a great decision you've made to support Action Medical Research. Your ongoing support will give hope to families like Francesco's. Research like mine is only possible with support such as yours.

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