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Jack's appeal

Help us stop the unnecessary suffering of children like Jack

Jack (pictured above) was born with Down syndrome, and had other major health problems too. Jack’s parents noticed problems with his breathing when he was nine weeks old, but they didn’t know he had obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a serious breathing disorder. Children with OSA stop breathing for a few seconds at a time during their sleep. This can be dangerous as it puts extra strain on their hearts. It also means the whole family struggle as they battle with sleepless nights.

Jack and his parents suffered in this way for two whole years until finally the illness was diagnosed and Jack received treatment. Better screening could help stop this unnecessary suffering. That’s why Action Medical Research is currently funding a study to develop simple routine screening for OSA.

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“If there had been better screening for OSA it would have saved us having to go through a really scary time” said Jo, Jack’s mother.

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