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The January Gift Fair Sale Stall holders

Argent of London (Up to 50%off)

Original designs, stylish and uncluttered jewellery that is both contemporary and timeless. Our pieces in gold and silver, including pearls and gemstones, are the epitome of ‘affordable luxury’ and make fantastic gifts.

Armadillo Jewellery (40 to 50% off)

Fabulous, affordable and original jewellery from European designers.

Avanti  (50% or more off)

Unique range of shoes and boots in wonderfully soft leathers and vibrant colours. 

Everything will be massively reduced on the day.

Bobbins (up to 50% off)

Kitchen accessories, linens, nighties, furry throws and quilts.

Buzz and Matilda Toys (15% off)

A unique range of Children's Accessories, Gifts, Games and Wooden Toys at great prices.

Caroline Dawe (50% off)

Ladies casual clothing, cotton shirts, gilets, jackets and accessories plus towelling dressing gowns for adults and children.

Cinnamon (25 to 50% off)

Inspired women's clothing.

Club Matters (20% off all stock, with a bargain box of 50% discount)

Stunning Table Mats and Glass Platters designed by us and Handmade in England. Sumptious cushions and other design led tableware.

Cove (45% off)

Comfortable stylish knitwear for women to wear all year round. Our classic reversible poncho comes in three new layering shapes  in soft cotton cashmere.

Elegance (10 to 50% off)

Unusual ladies fashions and accessories mainly sourced from the Continent.

Grace Miller (up to 50% off)

Luxury designer sunglasses and small range of seasonal accessories.

Green (25 to 50% off)

Stunning silk flower arrangements, unsual containers and individual blooms.

Green Door Designs (30 to 50% off)

A collection of clothing, scarves and bags from British designers. Many items now half price.

Jeni Wren (25% off)

Tabletop china, cooking gadgets and kitchen textiles.

Malthouse (40 to 50%)

Gorgeous scarves, wraps and bags.

Marie-S (40 to 50% off)

An exclusive range of ladies anoraks, gilets, wraps, hats and gloves.

Lilyrosa (20 to 40 off)

ZPM Trolley Dolly, Clippy Lunch Bags, Seek Unique and Bagabook bags. Selection of scarves and jewellery.

Shopping with Helena (20% off)

Individually sauced French and Italian ladies wear, range offers something for all  age groups and sizes.

Sports Channel Shop (40 to 50% off)

An exciting range of sporting and travelling games, gifts and gadgets with up to 50% reduction.

The Blue Chest (25% off)

A great selection of Ladies fashionable Golf Accessories.

The Italian Knitware Co (up to 75% off)

Italian clothing and accessories.

Toast Tins (up to 50% off)

British designed tin wear and gifts. Raffle prize donation.

Zouf (30% off)

High quality French products including gourmet food (foie gras, truffles...), perfumes, beauty products.

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