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Joshua’s appeal

Help children like Joshua with a precious gift 

Joshua May was born 15 weeks too early. He survived the birth, unlike his twin Harry who died at 20 hours old.

But Joshua then became dangerously ill at just eight days old. Doctors thought it might be necrotising enterocolitis (NEC), but couldn’t be sure. This serious bowel disorder affects around 3,000 babies every year – and because it is difficult to detect up to 35 per cent of these babies die. 

Every moment Joshua’s diagnosis was delayed meant a delay in receiving the right treatment. As Joshua’s parent’s watched him suffer, they couldn’t bear the thought of losing their second son.

Action Medical Research is determined that situations like this must change. We urgently need your help. A gift of £25 from you could make a real difference.

Thankfully Joshua survived and is enjoying life. You could help us fund researchers to find the answers that could help save babies’ lives and end the suffering of families like the Mays.

Thank you.

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