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Journalist FAQ

What does Action Medical Research do?

We find and fund the very best medical research in hospitals and universities across the UK that is most likely to deliver real benefit to babies, children and young people.

What kind of events do you run?

Action Medical Research organises and runs a wide range of fundraising events including cycling, running, treks, team challenges, as well as community events. Full details of our events can be found here:

What research are you funding currently?

We invest around 3 million every year in the best research possible. We have 75 projects running at any one time and award grants twice a year, as well as awarding Research Training Fellowships annually. Full details of our research projects can be found here:

How do you apply for a research grant?

Action Medical Research runs two grant award schemes every year in the Summer and Autumn. For full details of how to apply and the criteria for eligibility, see our grants page:

What are your policies on animal research, stem cell use and genetic research?

All of our research policies can be found at:

Do you have case studies we could interview?

Yes, we work closely with case study families linked to some of our key research projects. Some of their stories can be found on our real stories page however, we may be able to put you in touch with other families who are not featured on the web site. Please contact the Communications Team for information about case studies.

I want to interview an expert scientist, can you help?

Yes, we work with top expert researchers based at key universities and institutes across the country working on a wide range of research projects related to babies and children. If you are interested in getting in touch with a researcher, please contact our Communications Team.

Do you have any celebrity supporters?

We are supported by a variety of celebrities including sporting champions, television presenters and celebrity mothers, all of whom can be found on our Celebrity Supporters page.

Do you provide advice on specific conditions?

No, we don’t provide advice or information on conditions, only on the research we are funding. However we have information on our Useful Links page which may point you in the direction you need.

Can you put me in touch with a support group?

Yes, there are links to support groups related to the conditions which we are currently researching on our Useful Links page.

Where can I find out about your latest news?

All of our latest news is on our press release page and you can also read our latest publications on the same page as well. For further information about any of our news stories can be found from our Communications Team

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