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Mums on the run

Do you know a mum who wants to get fit and raise money to help sick and vulnerable babies?  Mums on the run is an exciting initiative from Action Medical Research aimed to help mothers who want to get fit and reach a goal. 

We'll help you the whole way!

Having a realistic target to train to is essential. Why not enter our Bupa London 10k?  10k is a good distance to start with and we will support you the whole way.  

If you are a more experienced runner then you can still be a mum on the run, we have plenty of runs to choose from of varying distances.

Being a mum is a full time job with little time to fit in exercise. Signing up to a run with Action Medical Research will enable you to get fit, work towards a goal, meet other mums online for mutual support and raise vital funds for a charity that aims to improve treatment for sick babies.

If you have any questions then please phone us on 01403 210406 or email gemma at   


"I am definitely not built to be a runner and have never attempted to run anywhere in my life, but after the events of 2007, I needed to achieve this amazing marathon."

"That March I had my twin daughters 15 weeks early, just 25 weeks gestation. Alicia was born weighing just less than 1lb 5oz and Lauren weighed 1lb 4oz, sadly Lauren passed away after fighting for 23 hours. Alicia was extremely poorly and had to battle for survival, receiving 9 blood transfusions and overcoming a range of problems including e-coli infections, Chronic Lung disease, ROP disease resulting in laser surgery to both eyes and an open heart duct. I cannot begin to express the amazing level of care that Alicia received from all the staff at Taunton Musgrove Park Hospital. Alicia eventually came home after 17 weeks and although she is still oxygen dependant is progressing really well and is certainly the boss of the house!"

"I have seen for myself how important medical advances are and without the continued efforts of campaigns such as the Tiny Lives, my daughter would not survived."

Michelle Chant

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