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Top 10 tips

Read the below our top 10 tips or read Liz Yelling's tips on getting out and running.

  1. Go for it, get yourself out the door! It is better to run for one mile than to think about running five.
  2. Set realistic and achievable goals; don't put too much pressure on yourself. Once you've hit a goal then work towards a new one.
  3. Be safe. If you run on the roads, wear bright clothes. If you are running when it's dark, get some reflective running clothes so cars can see you. Make sure someone knows when you are going out and how long you expect to be.
  4. Get a running watch. Keep track of how far you have run and how much time it took. You'll be amazed at how quickly you improve!
  5. Stay hydrated; ensure that you drink lots of water or energy drink before and after your run. If it's a long run then take some drink with you.
  6. Stop if you feel an injury. A few days off won't affect your progress, be sensible if you hurt yourself and stop instantly. Consult your doctor if pain persists.
  7. Keep track of your runs. Log how far you have run, and how long it took you. You can do this in a running journal, or a running log online.
  8. Get a running buddy. You can meet these with our help or through the discussion forum. It is easier to stay motivated if you have a friend to keep you motivated.
  9. Get a quality pair of running shoes. Buying cheap trainers won't do you any favours. Running is an inexpensive activity; the only thing you really need to invest in is running shoes. Get a good pair. If you have never been fitted for a running shoe, visit a running specialty store and have them check your feet and running stride to determine the right fit for you.
  10. Stay determined. Running is just as much a mental challenge as it is a physical one. Believe in yourself and stay positive. Imagine yourself crossing that finish line and the amazing feeling it will give you.
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