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Why join mums on the run?

Despite enormous progress in medicine, there are still hundreds of thousands of sick and disabled children who need our help. Children like Katie, born two months early who needed resuscitating at birth, Cieran who was left with deafness, epilepsy and cerebral palsy because of meningitis and Jack, who as a baby, was diagnosed with brain cancer.

Action Medical Research is offering hope to the many thousands of families who are dealing with the trauma of a baby born too early, striving to support a child affected by disability, or facing the challenge of caring for a child with a rare and devastating disease for which there is no cure.

Right now the best medical minds in children’s hospitals and universities across the UK are waiting for the green light to start research that could lead to life-changing treatments for babies and children. They just need the funding.

Just one breakthrough, however small, can mean the world.


Don't feel daunted if you haven't done any running before.  A 50 year old lady who took part in the BUPA Great North Run for Action Medical Research said: "I joined a running club in York with my friend and at first; my training consisted of running from one lamppost to the next, then walking the next two! Gradually with the help and encouragement of my running club and the Action Medical Research team I built up my stamina and speed."


If you have any questions then please phone us on 01403 210406 or email gemma at running@action.org.uk.

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