Be a university student ambassador | Action Medical Research

Be a university student ambassador

Be a university student ambassador

Be part of the growing team of Action student ambassadors

Market our dynamic outdoor events on your campus

Be proactive! Tell others, including your RAG about our amazing medical research breakthroughs!

Get hands-on promotional experience to boost your CV

What's involved?

As much help as you can offer to fit any time you have. You can:

  • Manage a promotional programme;  promote Action on your campus
  • Inspire others! Recruit other ambassadors
  • More hands-on? Hand out leaflets, put up posters on and off campus
  • Talk about us!  Tell others about our amazing breakthroughs including developing the first polio vaccines
  • Develop communication skills; contact your RAG and put us forward
  • Get busy on social media to engage other students.  Write a blog.  Describe our successes.
  • Get fit! Put a team together and cycle, walk or trek for us
  • Provide insight; tell us how Action can be most effective in its fundraising on your campus

What skills do I need to succeed?


  • Sparkle like a diamond – stand out from the crowd
  • The answer is yes - hands-on defines you
  • Del boy – grab that opportunity!
  • Good at talking - online, on-site or in the pub
  • Passion for charity – save the world!


  • CV booster – you have what it takes. Join us!
  • Sparkly dress –  jeans  - lycra - anything goes!
  • Mover and a shaker? 
  • Calm cookie?

Recent recruits include...

So, what’s in it for you?

  • Alan Sugar – a sweet reference for your CV about your time with Action
  • Blue Peter Badge – well not quite! A grand letter signed by our Chief Exec
  • Paddington Bear™ – we’re bearilliant at looking after you and really welcome your help
  • Mr T – being a valuable part of an A-Team

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