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Race the Sun Lake District testimonials

It really was an amazing day that we really enjoyed! The organisation was incredible so well done to you and your team!

James Thorpe

October 2014

We had an amazing day, very hard but very rewarding. Faultless organisation at every stage, must say well done to everyone involved from the charity and the marshal’s.

Mike, True Bearing

October 2014

We decided to give the Race the Sun Lake District a go and were delighted to have done so. The organisation was superb, very safety conscious and very well supported. Marshalls at all key points, no real chance of getting lost and lots of encouragement along the way. We all felt that it was one of the best sporting events we had ever done. We made a family weekend out of it and the children were delighted to see us along the way coming off Helvellyn and then again at the finish. Massive thanks to all the organisers and a great way to raise funds for a very worthwhile charity. If you are considering this as a challenge then do it, you will not be disappointed. The only question is which event to tackle next…

Dr Nigel J Artis, Heart of Steel

October 2014

The most amazing day! Starting at 7am was a challenge!! But I can honestly say it was worth it! The challenge setting was fab and the team spirit of all teams we met was great. Go prepared to be challenged on bikes and walking, the kayaking is the fun bit (if you like kayaks!). I would have done it all again the week after. A big thank you to all the organisers and marshalls on the challenge for making it an unforgetable day.

Jackie Cunningham (team: inittowinit)

September 2012

“I took part in the event on Saturday as part of team bell-porter (52) and just wanted to let you know how well we found the whole event was organised. The marshalling was excellent, all of them being extremely friendly and encouraging. The staff at the base were also excellent and made the whole day run very smoothly. Thank you again and i look forward to next year!”

Colin Bell, Race the Sun 2009

February 2011

“..Just to say a BIG thank you all and to say how much we enjoyed competing in "Race the Sun" last weekend. We thought the event was very well run and organised, and you could see safety was paramount. Everyone including the marshals did a great job especially in the weather conditions we all had to endure. Everyone had a smile on their face and there was a great atmosphere through out the day. Being the first event like this I have done I have now been "Bitten by the Bug" and want to do more”

James Barbour, Race the Sun 2009

February 2011

“On behalf of Team Grip I would just like to say a big thank you to all the organisers, marshals, and everyone involved in making the event a success. I know how much work goes on behind the scenes before and afterwards, and we all thought it was done fantastically well.”

Eleanor, Race the Sun 2009

February 2011

‘I honestly couldn't suggest anything to make Race the Sun any better. It's obvious the amount of thought and consideration that has gone into all the planning. We loved it, thought it was amazingly well organised, everyone was so enthusiastic and motivating...........what more can I add?!............. How do I make the pain in my legs go away?! Thanks so much for a truly fantastic day.’

Christina, Race the Sun 2010

February 2011

‘Thanks for a fantastic event and glad to be part of raising money for a great cause. Everything ran like a dream, the marshals were great and all the transitions ran smoothly, excellent event, thanks! Let me know when next year’s event is open for registration!’

Tom, Race the Sun 2010

February 2011

As newcomers to Race the Sun and Action Medical Research events could I pass on our thanks for all the hard work and dedication shown by the team and volunteer marshals who helped make the event safe and well structured this weekend.

Tough at times but fun throughout we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves !

Thank you


Ian Mann

September 2009
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