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The principal investigator (PI) for a project grant is normally employed in a permanent position in a UK university or institution. Fixed term employees on a long term contract may be eligible to be a PI, providing the term of employment extends at least six months beyond the duration of the proposed research project and the host research institution is prepared to give all the necessary support to the individual and the project. We would not pay the salary of a PI.

Research workers who require personal support from a project grant, and who have made a substantial intellectual contribution to the grant proposal, may be named as co-applicants with an established member of staff as the principal applicant.

Grants are provided for up to three years duration in support of one precisely formulated line of research. A two page outline of the proposed research is required before a full application can be invited. Successful applicants from the outline stage will be sent a link to our application form. Awards will be made following peer review.

Applications should be of the highest quality as the scheme is very competitive.

Our maximum project grant award is normally £200,000 (applicants for the joint awards with LifeArc and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Charitable Trust can apply for up to £250,000). We are happy to consider grant requests at a lower level of funding including grants below £50,000.

Support covers salary costs, consumables and items of dedicated equipment essential for carrying out the work. We would expect the university or research institute to provide standard laboratory equipment and standard office computers. The application should not include any indirect costs such as administrative or other overheads imposed by the university or other institutions and we would not normally pay salary costs for those already employed on salaried positions.

A research team can only apply for one grant per grant round.

Please note that there will be a limit to the number of full application forms that we can send out. Where the work is considered peripheral to our aims or in cases where demand on our funds is high, we will inform you of our decision not to request a full application.

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