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Grant monitoring and outcomes


A new online tool for evaluating the research we fund and monitoring grants

It’s crucial for us at Action Medical Research to capture the outcomes of the research we fund, not least as a fundraising charity, to communicate the benefits of the work we fund and the benefits of medical research to our supporters.

But we know that reporting outcomes to a number of different funding bodies is burdensome. So, we are starting to use Researchfish, an online database which will allow you to upload outcome data about your research to multiple funders easily and quickly.

Here’s what you’ll have to do:

You will automatically receive an email from Researchfish asking you to register. You need to:

  • register and start building your profile and research portfolio
  • keep your portfolio updated throughout the year and also your CV – saving the information as you go
  • submit outcome data information to us once yearly; you will be reminded of the submission date by email
  • input information in the funder specific section of the database when we remind you, for the purpose of interim and final reporting to the charity

We will also be using Researchfish for grant monitoring during and at the end of each grant to allow us to report to our trustees and supporters who help fund your work. This will replace our current system of requesting interim and final reports in a word format by email. You will be reminded of when to add data to Researchfish for the interim and final reporting for your grant.

Further information can be found at Researchfish.

Researchfish has organised training sessions in the form of webinars for researchers. For further information and registration please visit

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