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Back pain - posture control training

This research was completed on 30 September 2004

Project LeaderDr M L Magnusson, PhD
LocationDepartment of Environmental and Occupational Medicine and the Department of Bio-Medical Physics and Bio-Engineering both at the University of Aberdeen in conjunction with the Orthopaedic Suite, Woodend Hospital, Aberdeen.
Grant awarded8 July 1999
Start date1 September 1999
End date30 September 2004
Grant amount£37,909.00
Grant codeAP0773

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Low back pain affects about 80% of all people at some stage of their lives, and is a serious cost concern faced by industry and health care institutions. Many individuals will have a secondary injury and about a tenth will develop chronic low back pain, where the problem persists beyond 6 months. Every effort should be made towards decreasing the initial episode of low back pain, in order to prevent secondary injuries and chronic problems from developing. These researchers will evaluate posture control and co-ordination treatment for patients with low back pain, in addition to the usual training to improve strength and mobility. It is hoped this additional treatment will lead to improved rehabilitation of patients with low back pain.

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