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Birth difficulties - a follow-up study in children

This research was completed on 30 June 2003

Project LeaderDr E Mercuri, PhD, Dr F M Cowan, LRCP&SI, MBBS, MRCP, DCH, PhD, MRCGP, Dr S E Henderson, PhD, Professor J Atkinson, PhD and Professor O J Braddick, PhD.
LocationDepartment of Paediatrics and the Department of Paediatrics and Neonatal Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital in conjunction with the Department of Educational Psychology and Special Needs, London University Institute of Education and the Psychology Department, University College London.
Grant awarded8 July 1999
Start date1 September 1999
End date30 June 2003
Grant amount£32,422.00
Grant codeSP3474

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Around 2 in 1000 babies born at full term experience difficulties during birth. Some of these go on to develop problems such as cerebral palsy, while others seem to recover and appear quite normal when tested in the first years of life. This team will assess visual function and movement and co-ordination in a group of infants who had difficulties at birth and who were shown to have brain injury using neonatal Magnetic Resonance Imaging. The aim of the study is to determine how the brain responds to different patterns of injury early in life, and whether these children have unidentified problems which could affect their school and everyday life performance.

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