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Cerebral palsy ­- a possible new treatment

This research was completed on 4 July 2003

Project LeaderProfessor Janet A Eyre DPhil FRCPCH
LocationSir James Spence Institute of Child Health, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne.
Grant awarded26 October 2000
Start date2 January 2001
End date4 July 2003
Grant amount£80,297.00
Grant codeSP3682

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Cerebral palsy, caused by brain damage, is a significant cause of life-long disability and currently affects 1 in 400 children. The purpose of this project is to study how the brain develops its control of movement in normal babies, and also in children who have suffered a stroke as babies or in later childhood. The research should provide new insights into how the brain develops, and demonstrate whether, in some children, the brain can reorganise itself to overcome damage. It is hoped that this will lead to new treatments to reduce the number of children who suffer from cerebral palsy.
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