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Cerebral palsy – preventing hip dislocation

This research was completed on 31 March 2005

Project LeaderDr T E Pountney MA, MCSP, SRP and Dr D M Cowan.
LocationRehabilitation Engineering Services, Chailey Heritage Clinical Services, Lewes.
Grant awarded7 March 2002
Start date1 October 2002
End date31 March 2005
Grant amount£146,658.00
Grant codeAP0917

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Bilateral cerebral palsy is a condition which affects around 2 in every 1000 children born each year. Approximately 35% of these children suffer from dislocation of one or both hips. Hip dislocation can be painful and distressing for the child, may require surgery and may lead to spinal curvature. Special seats, lying supports and standing supports designed at Chailey Heritage Clinical Services can reduce hip dislocation if used appropriately. This project will continue research previously supported by Action Research, provide a group of newly diagnosed infants with this special equipment and monitor its effectiveness in preventing hip dislocation.

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