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Cleft lip and palate - identifying the genes

This research was completed on 31 January 2003

Project LeaderProfessor R M Winter, FRCP and Dr M Mars, PhD, FDS.
LocationMolecular Genetics Unit and the Clinical Genetics and Fetal Medicine Unit at the Institute of Child Health in conjunction with the Maxillofacial and Dental Department, Hospital for Sick Children, London.
Grant awarded8 July 1999
Start date1 February 2000
End date31 January 2003
Grant amount£118,048.00
Grant codeSP3434

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Cleft lip, with or without cleft palate, is one of the most common birth malformations. Children with these disorders may require multiple operations and a variety of treatments including speech therapy and orthodontics. As this condition is about thirty times more likely to occur in the brother or sister of an affected individual than in the general population, there is thought to be a genetic component to the problem. These researchers have contacted families in which several members have a cleft lip and they will now attempt to identify those genes which are shared by affected family members. By gathering this information, vital clues to the causes of cleft lip and palate could be unveiled, bringing the prevention of this distressing disorder a step closer.
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