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Computer technology to find genes that cause malformations

This research was completed on 28 February 2005

Project LeaderDr C D Evans, PhD, Professor J B L Bard and Dr M Bitner-Glindzicz
LocationClinical and Molecular Genetics Department, Institute of Child Health, London, the School of Computing Science, Middlesex University and Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Edinburgh.
Grant awarded7 November 2002
Start date1 March 2003
End date28 February 2005
Grant amount£70,913.00
Grant codeSP3859

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1 in 40 babies is born with a malformation. Many problems, such as those with the eyes or cleft lip and palate, have a partly genetic cause. Research programmes are generating vast quantities of data but a more effective method is needed to link this information and reveal correlations that can help locate or identify important genes. This project involves trying to link up databases of genetic abnormalities with information from the Human Genome Project to try to predict which genes might be responsible for malformations. The system will be made freely available to researchers via the World Wide Web. These cutting edge computer techniques should help to identify the faulty genes likely to cause these conditions. In turn, this will facilitate diagnosis of these disorders and improve the advice that can be given to families on whether future generations are likely to be affected. Identifying the genes causing the problems can also be the first step towards finding new treatments.

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