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Ectodermal dysplasias affecting the skin, hair, teeth and nails

This research was completed on 30 September 2002

Project LeaderDr John A McGrath MD FRCP
LocationDepartment of Cell and Molecular Pathology, St Thomas' Hospital, Kings College London.
Grant awarded13 July 2000
Start date1 October 2000
End date30 September 2002
Grant amount£87,795.00
Grant codeSP3606

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The development of normal skin, hair, teeth and nails is physically, socially and psychologically important. Unfortunately, this state of affairs is not the case for a few thousand people in the UK who are born with genetic abnormalities that affect tissue development. These conditions are known as 'ectodermal dysplasias'. Very little is known about what causes ectodermal dysplasia and there are no specific treatments, so the aim of this project is to discover the gene abnormalities which lead to the poor development of these tissues. This information will then provide the basis for better genetic counselling for affected families, and allow for a more precise diagnosis and foundation on which to plan newer forms of therapy.
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