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Hip replacements – developing new evaluation methods

This research was completed on 31 December 2003

Project LeaderDr N Saffari, CEng, CPhys, MIEE, MInstP, Dr M Taylor, PhD, and Dr M Browne, PhD.
LocationDepartment of Mechanical Engineering, University College London and School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton.
Grant awarded12 March 2001
Start date1 August 2001
End date31 December 2003
Grant amount£38,911.00
Grant codeAP0873

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Hip replacements have a limited lifespan and in 18% of cases a repeat operation is required at a cost of £32 million. This also limits the effectiveness of hip replacement for younger people. This team aims to develop novel ultrasonic evaluation methods for predicting the performance of the stem/bone cement interface for a particular prosthesis design. In this way, newly designed implants can be assessed at the development stage with a view to reducing the incidence of loosening and the resulting need for revision surgery. Ultimately this should lead to fewer operations, longer lasting implants and will allow younger patients to be treated. In addition, the Health Service will benefit financially due to the lower incidence of revision surgery.

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