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Infection in premature babies

This research was completed on 30 June 2008

Project LeaderDr Neena Modi MB ChB MD FRCP FRCPCH
LocationDivision of Paediatrics & Neonatal Medicine, ICSM at Hammersmith Hospital, London in conjunction with the Department of Haematology, St Thomas' Hospital, London and the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, Institute of Health Sciences, Oxford.
Grant awarded13 March 2000
Start date18 September 2000
End date30 June 2008
Grant amount£208,920.00
Grant codeSP3558

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Infection is very common in premature babies and may result in disability or death. The aim of this study is to find out whether a short period of preventive treatment given soon after birth, with a substance called GM-CSF, will reduce infection. GM-CSF is produced naturally in the body and helps white blood cells to fight infection, and it is already being used to help patients who have low numbers of white blood cells, such as those who have had bone marrow transplants. This study will recruit over 300 premature babies from neonatal centres throughout the UK. The health of these infants will be assessed at two years of age, and it is hoped that the introduction of this treatment will have demonstrably benefitted these premature babies with the highest risk of infection.

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