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Knee joint replacement – developing a computer model

This research was completed on 31 May 2007

Project LeaderDr M Taylor, PhD
LocationBioengineering Science Research Group, School of Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton.
Grant awarded7 November 2002
Start date1 August 2003
End date31 May 2007
Grant amount£82,989.00
Grant codeAP0961

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Approximately 30,000 people receive knee joint replacements in the UK each year. In general, the performance of total knee replacements is good. However failures do occur and some designs are more prone to failure than others; one reason for this could be small variations in surgical technique.This project aims to develop a computer model to measure the effect of surgical technique on the performance of total knee joint replacement. This work will lead to an assessment of the relationship between new designs of knee joint implants and variations in surgical technique. The results will help surgeons and provide new information for implant design. In the long term this should help to extend the lifetime of these important joint replacements.

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