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Lung inflammation

This research was completed on 31 March 2003

Project LeaderDr Ann B Millar, FRCP
LocationThe Lung Research Group, University of Bristol Medical School Unit, Southmead Hospital, Bristol.
Grant awarded30 November 1999
Start date1 April 2000
End date31 March 2003
Grant amount£150,102.00
Grant codeSP3552

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It is estimated that over 5 million people in the UK suffer from lung disease of some kind. These diseases lead to symptoms of breathlessness, reduced mobility and severe disability. They affect 2 ­ 3 children in every classroom and result in over 50 million working days each year being lost to the economy. Many forms of lung disease occur because our natural defence mechanisms are out of control and instead of protecting the lung they actually cause damage. These researchers believe that a chemical called TNF, in a form attached to lung cells, plays a key role in controlling this response. An understanding of the mechanism involved in this process could lead to specific therapeutic targets. Such treatment could allow our natural defence system to revert to its usual protective role and potentially avoid the side effects associated with currently available medication.
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