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Motor neurone disease (MND), other neurodegenerative conditions and brain injury

This research was completed on 30 October 2006

Project LeaderProfessor J de Belleroche, Professor D S Latchman PhD and Dr D J Wells MA, VetMB, PhD, MRCVS
LocationDepartment of Neuromuscular Diseases and the Gene Targeting Unit at Charing Cross Hospital in conjunction with Birkbeck College, London
Grant awarded10 November 2003
Start date28 June 2004
End date30 October 2006
Grant amount£99,278.00
Grant codeSP3929

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Motor neurone disease is a progressive disorder of the central nervous system, with around 5,000 people affected at any one time in the UK. Symptoms include swallowing difficulties, slurring of speech and shortness of breath, all of which lead to severe disability and a shortened lifespan. There is currently no treatment to prevent the process of nerve cell death and progressive muscle paralysis which are characteristic of MND. The brain and spinal cord are highly vulnerable to reduced blood flow, a lack of oxygen and cell damage. This team plans to investigate the natural protective mechanisms against toxic reactions that cause cell death. Previous studies have led them to concentrate on one particular protein which prevents brain cell death in the laboratory. This project aims to find out how it works and whether this protection could be enhanced to help prevent motor neurone disease. This research may also help the development of therapies for other neurodegenerative conditions and brain injury.

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