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Pain prevention in young infants

This research was completed on 30 November 2003

Project LeaderProfessor Maria Fitzgerald, PhD, and Professor Stephen P Hunt, PhD
LocationDepartment of Anatomy and Developmental Biology, University College London.
Grant awarded13 March 2000
Start date1 October 2000
End date30 November 2003
Grant amount£104,257.00
Grant codeSP3600

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Infant surgery and intensive care can cause pain and tissue damage, both of which need to be controlled, not only to relieve immediate suffering but also because injury early in life can alter the development of sensory and pain perception later on. One example of this is the long lasting increase in nerve density and skin sensitivity which result from skin wounds occuring in infancy. This research will investigate the factors released from damaged skin which are responsible for this prolonged sensory disturbance, with the aim of blocking their activity. The results could help us understand the development of nerves in the skin and also prevent long term pain in babies and children.

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