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Premature birth -­ preventing premature labour

This research was completed on 2 April 2003

Project LeaderDr A López-Bernal, MA, MD, DPhil.
LocationDivision of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Bristol, St Michael's Hospital, Bristol.
Grant awarded8 July 1999
Start date1 October 1999
End date2 April 2003
Grant amount£103,388.00
Grant codeSP3465

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The mechanisms responsible for the onset of labour in women are unknown. Premature birth accounts for only 7% of total deliveries, but 70% of infant deaths. Furthermore, whilst an increasing proportion of premature babies now survive due to excellent neonatal care, many suffer from a range of complications, including respiratory disease and cerebral palsy. By studying the pathways involved in maintaining pregnancy, this team hopes to gain greater understanding of why some babies are born prematurely, and assist in developing more effective drugs to enable women to carry their babies to term. Such drugs will help prevent the short and long term disability associated with premature births.

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