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Premature labour

This research was completed on 6 September 2006

Project LeaderDr R N Khan PhD, Dr D A Barrett PhD, Dr B Matharoo-Ball
LocationAcademic Division of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, University of Nottingham at Derby and the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Nottingham, Nottingham
Grant awarded30 November 1999
Start date1 December 2003
End date6 September 2006
Grant amount£95,930.00
Grant codeSP3956

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Preterm delivery causes death and disability in 6-11% of all pregnancies and caring for a premature baby can have a profound emotional effect on a family. Nearly half of these premature births are due to the process of labour starting early. These researchers will study the effect of compounds made from fats on muscle contractions. They aim to find out whether a change in production of these compounds can trigger muscle contractions and labour before the baby is ready to be born. In the short term, the processes that control the contractions of labour will be better defined. In the long term, this may lead to the development of new, effective drugs to treat preterm labour.

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