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Premature labour - investigating a possible cause

This research was completed on 31 July 2003

Project LeaderDr J A Z Loudon, MBChB, MRCOG
LocationThe Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology, Imperial College School of Medicine, London.
Grant awarded21 May 2001
Start date1 August 2001
End date31 July 2003
Grant amount£79,997.00
Grant codeSF0969

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Prematurity is the major cause of death in normal infants and about 1 in 10 mothers go into pre-term labour when the process starts too early. Premature babies miss out on vital development time in their mother’s womb, often leaving them with organs which just aren’t up to the task of sustaining life. The hormone progesterone keeps the womb relaxed and inhibits labour. Progesterone prolongs pregnancy and Dr Loudon is exploring a mechanism which may influence the activity of this hormone at the time of labour. This work will explore the process in more detail and may help in the prevention of pre-term delivery.

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