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Preterm labour and links to infection

This research was completed on 30 March 2007

Project LeaderDr M H F Sullivan PhD
LocationDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology and Department of Paediatrics, Imperial College London
Grant awarded29 October 2004
Start date31 March 2005
End date30 March 2007
Grant amount£124,308.00
Grant codeSP4051

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Very premature infants are at high risk of problems that affect their brains, lungs, and immune systems. The brains of these tiny babies seem particularly vulnerable, and life-long disability may result. Treatment of preterm labour is generally of limited effectiveness, and once the babies are born, dealing with the subsequent complications is difficult, as many organs may be affected in each infant. Recent work has suggested that one species of bacteria may be of critical importance in preterm labour. The aim of this research project is to study the effects of this bacterium on the membranes surrounding the unborn baby. This should provide vital information to understand the link between preterm labour and infection and in the long term may lead to more effective treatments to prevent preterm birth.

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