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Stroke - alternative control of movement

This research was completed on 30 June 2004

Project LeaderProfessor J C Rothwell MA, PhD.
LocationSobell Department of Neurophysiology, Institute of Neurology, London.
Grant awarded7 March 2002
Start date1 July 2002
End date30 June 2004
Grant amount£89,236.00
Grant codeAP0934

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Stroke is a leading cause of disability, affecting over 100,000 people a year in the UK. The effects of stroke, and the extent of recovery, can vary widely. How the brain, which cannot heal itself in the conventional sense, recovers from stroke is poorly understood. The aim of this study is to investigate whether alternative pathways from undamaged parts of the brain to the weakened limb play an important role in recovery. This research will examine these pathways using magnetic impulses, which can indicate how the "wiring" of the brain is functioning. By knowing what factors are involved, it may be possible in future to assist recovery by promoting more effective use of these remaining pathways.
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