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Treating sick and vulnerable babies

Around one in nine babies born in the UK needs some form of special care at birth as a result of a difficult birth, a life-threatening condition or because they were born too early. With your help we will aim to reduce the high rate of premature birth, prevent pregnancy complications that threaten babies’ lives, and find the best ways to care for sick and vulnerable babies.

Helping sick and vulnerable babies

We are also investing in new and better ways to treat babies who are sick or vulnerable following a difficult birth or a life-threatening condition such as hydrocephalus or congenital diaphragmatic hernia.

Preventing pregnancy complications

Our latest research projects continue a proud history of Action Medical Research funding for babies. There is still so much to learn about pregnancy complications that threaten babies’ lives such as obstetric cholestasis and fetal growth restriction.

Tackling premature birth

The vital research we fund aims to improve understanding of the conditions that put babies at risk of an early birth and enable doctors to advance the search for new treatments that could prevent or stop early labour.
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