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Understanding brain damage in newborn babies

This research was completed on 14 September 2006

Project LeaderMr Giles Kendall
LocationDepartment of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University College London
Grant awarded23 May 2003
Start date15 September 2003
End date14 September 2006
Grant amount£154,086.00
Grant codeRTF1115

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1 in 400 babies are born every year in the UK with some form of brain injury. Rates have not fallen in the past decade despite changes in clinical practice. Evidence suggests that infection may play a significant role in the brain damage that occurs alongside the traditional view of lack of oxygen to the brains of babies during childbirth. Dr Kendall’s project will help to unlock the interaction between infection and lack of oxygen especially focusing on the role of a key molecule called “tumour necrosis factor”. This molecule is associated with infection and injury and is known to have direct and indirect toxic effects. If successful, future therapies could be developed to block this molecule in babies at risk, thus helping to reduce the occurrence of cerebral palsy.

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