Anthea Turner lends her support to Paddington Bear | Action Medical Research

Anthea Turner lends her support to Paddington Bear

3 June 1999
Much-loved TV presenter - Anthea Turner - has pledged her support to Paddington’s Suitcase Challenge - an appeal by Action Research’s mascot to raise £1million to fund research into children’s illnesses. Anthea was keen to show her support of Action Research - one of the UK’s leading medical research charities - particularly of the vital work they fund into areas such as premature birth, meningitis and asthma. Paddington’s Suitcase Challenge launched in March and will run until the end of November. A variety of events and activities make up the challenge including Bring Your Bear Week which begins on the 21st June. Climaxing on Paddington’s birthday on the 25th, this annual event sees adults and children donating some of their pocket money for the privilege of taking their beloved teddy to work or school with them. Anthea said: "Action Research is one of the UK’s best kept secrets but their funding has played an integral part in helping develop Britain’s first polio vaccine and the rubella vaccine. Today, Action Research funds pioneering research into a wide spectrum of areas - many of which benefit children. This is why I’m supporting their current campaign and urge others to do the same."
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